RiojaLive, viajes y vinos. RiojaLive, viajes y vinos.

Presenting Riojalive

The agency Riojalive offers the flexibility, specialization, regional knowledge and professionalism needed to fully enjoy La Rioja.

The most charming wineries, the most innovative or traditional restaurants, the most committed guides, the most welcoming accommodation, the most beautiful monasteries and churches, and the best prepared routes: it all comes together at Riojalive, and always in accordance with the independent criteria of professionals from the tourism sector.

Why we are

To show our land, La Rioja, to the rest of the world.

To boost the economy of rural areas and small towns in La Rioja, developing tourism and cultural products in collaboration with local people.

To foster a love for the world of Rioja wine, from the vine to the glass.

Our motto: Hospitality and Excellence

The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests or strangers.
The state of excelling; surpassing merit or quality.

In other words, we strive to ensure that the traveller enjoys each and every moment of their stay in La Rioja, at least meeting and often surpassing their expectations.

To put this into practice, we base our work on three pillars:
team, planning, and a love for detail.

Riojalive trips are organized and invoiced under the Register Number CALR-046