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Distributor conventions, client visits, employee incentive trips...

Personal relationships are essential to the success of a business and a visit to a vintage winery or a designer wine-tasting session are two perfect ways to lay the ground for a new business deal or to iron out small differences.

At Riojalive we draw up tailor-made itineraries for you, with the added advantages of language interpreters and an exhaustive knowledge of all of the tourism resources of La Rioja: wineries, restaurants, accommodation, museums and heritage sites. Likewise, we collaborate with conference organisers in order to handle larger-scale events.



We know how complicated it can be to organise the free time of a mixed group of people, it's what we do best!

All types of associations and groups can enjoy a stay in La Rioja without the problems brought about by the mass-tourism of other destinations. Ask us for a quote, we'll be delighted to provide you with some alternative proposals.