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Young Rioja Weekend 165€

In La Rioja, even babies' dummies are dipped in the wine... Maybe it's best not to get so far ahead of ourselves, but if you're looking to take your first steps into the mysterious world of Rioja wines, what better place to start than with the young wines (and with Riojalive's Young Weekend)?

Friday / Welcome to La Rioja


Logroño: capital of La Rioja, with its theatres, museums, churches, oh, and the most famous Tapas street in all of northern Spain...

Accommodation in a Logroño hotel, selected by Riojalive.



Tour of Logroño, following in the footsteps of the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago

Optional Dinner


Calle Laurel: route taking in Pinchos and Rioja wines

In Logroño, the evening always begins with a selection of Pinchos: a Champi del Soriano (mushroom), a Tío Agus (pork), some Embuchado sausage, an Orejita (fried pig's ear), a Cojonudo, one with pineapple, a Matrimonio (anchovies), etc, etc, etc.

A night of partying, Logroño style, according to the groups wishes

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Saturday / The tradition of Rioja



Small growers vineyards and cellar/p>

In La Rioja, every home used to have its own wine cellar, we pay attention to the whole process, from the vineyard to the bottle.

The Vineyard: Why is the wine from Rioja "the best"? The climate, the soil, the grape varieties... learn how the wine growers look after their vines so as to harvest the very highest quality grapes

The Brunch: Among vineyards

The Home Cellar: Feel the process as it is


Beginners' wine-tasting course

White, rosé, young, crianza, reserva, gran reserva and designer, aftertaste, vanilla, floral bouquet, shimmering terracotta tones, a long finish…. Forget about the complicated jargon, it's all about sensations.

Optional Lunch


Rioja Cooking in a Cellar

In 1596, wine was already being produced in the winery where we will sample a traditional Rioja menu, accompanied by reserva wines.



Visit to vintage winery

In the 19th century, the most adventurous Haro wine makers make the leap to producing wines for export. We visit one of the wineries that they designed, and that their children and the children of their children have made legendary.


Visit to Haro

The capital of Rioja wine, with the chance to buy some typical products from the area

Optional Dinner


Wine-matching dinner in a modern Logroño

Restaurant, selected by Riojalive

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Sunday / Avant-Garde Rioja



A vineyard: Jardín de Baco

Estate with more than 200 varieties of vine planted in the entrance to the museum


A journey through the world of wine: Dinastía Vivanco museum, Briones

History, tradition, viticulture, wineries, trade, art, bouquet, wine casks… Probably the world's greatest wine museum


Visit to Bodegas Vivanco

Optional Lunch


Restaurant in the depths of a former winery in Briones

An enchanting medieval village of wineries and wine cellars, little squares, churches and spectacular views



Visit to a modern Rioja winery

Architecture at the service of wine preparation. Let yourself be wowed by the most advanced technical solutions

Accommodation and Breakfast in a previously selected hotel by Riojalive
Entrance and specialized guide in each cellar, museum or activity
VAT included · Price per person · Transport not included

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